Our Story

Over the Years


How it all began

Hailing from the UK Development Sector, Ahmed Dirir moves from the UK in 2006 to settle with his family in Burao Somaliland.


Barqo Dhereg Drilling Company

 Ahmed establishes The Barqodhereg Drilling Company which has constructed numerous water infrastructures all over Somaliland.


Ministry of Water


In 2010 Ahmed took over the reins as Director of National Water Resources and his combined skills spearheaded Somaliland’s Water sector dynamic development. One of his biggest achievements was Leading in the Development of the Largest Watershed Management Project to be implemented in Somaliland and the only project funded by the African Development Bank.


The Dubur Farm

Moving back to Burao to focus on family and private sector work in 2013, Ahmed established the Dubur Farm in Sheikh. It became the Biggest Supplier of fresh vegetables to the Burao City Market.


Guban Mining Support Solutions

Ahmed Co-founded the Guban Mining Support Solutions Ltd (GMSS LTD). This start-up became a hit and contracted over 4 Million USD in its first contract in the Oil & Gas Sector. GMSS LTD managed the procurement & Logistics for Genel Energy and Olive Group in one of the world’s most fast-paced sectors.


Somaliland Organic Farming Group

Ahmed established the Somaliland Organic Farming Group, a Facebook Group that provides support and guidance to all who want to come back home to the motherland and develop their own Agribusinesses.


Livestock Fodder 

At the Barqodhereg farm trials begin on various fodder grass types to establish suitability for livestock nutrition and eventual commercial production


Burao Private Water Company

Ahmed established the largest Water Trucking Point in the heart of Burao, which is the largest and only Purpose Built Water Trucking Facility in Burao that can cater to over 50 of the largest Water Tankers per day supplying the freshest and best quality Water to the Households of Burao City. During the drought periods. The facility provides parking and sleeping facilities for over 50 trucks as well as Washrooms, a prayer area, and Restaraunt and has been well received by Water Truckers. The Water Point acted as a lifeline working round the clock to Supply Water to the furthest villages in the Hawd Plateau.


Barqo Dhereg Agri group

In 2021, with over 20 years in the Development, Public and Private sectors, and a wealth of knowledge and experience. Ahmed has established the Barqodhereg Agricultural Group and provides both bite-sized consultancy and Turnkey Agri Projects for Africans by Africans.

Happy Customers & Buyers

Right from the beginging Ahmed and the Barqo Dhereg team were very professional.

For me it was all about value rather than just the service. the knowledge and subject matter expertise.

I Ahmed knew for quite some time. We lost touch somehow over the years.

I already trusted in his knowledge and know-how, and I knew that if I ever went into agriculture which I felt passionate about for sometime now. Of course Ahmed and Barqo Dhereg were my go to Person.

Unsurprisingly my expectations did not fail me.  Thank you Ahmed!

I needed a water source for my farm, I approached a self professed  water drilling company. After spending money,time and energy and they failed and I was left in a bad situation.

I heard about Ahmed's reputation from a friend who knew him and other people. I decided to approach him. What can I say, the rest was history!

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