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Running a successful agribusiness does not only depend on water and farm land. There are a few things to consider when starting out in an agribusiness. 

For starters there are, unfortunately, a lot of individuals and companies that provide substandard work or unsuitable solutions. So you’ll need to be careful.

Barqo Dhereg exists to give you sound evidence based advice to achieve the best results.

We are invested in your agribusiness doing well, because we are interested in long-lasting fruitful relationships!


Mombasa Grass

Thinking of starting or already in the dairy business or maybe even livestock fattening?

We grow high quality organically farmed Mombasa grass on our farm. Know as ‘Panicum Maximum’ in latin, it trumps local livestock varieties due to its high nutritional value

Water Services

Water infrastructure is vital for a successful farming or livestock husbandry operation.

We specialise and have a long experience in building the most basic HDPE lined ponds to borehole drilling and rehabilitation.

mombasa grass

Organic Grass Fodder

Highly Palatable to all Livestock, giving good hay and haylage production. The grass gives upto 18% Crude Protein when grown on good quality soils.

At Barqodhereg Farm we produce our grass high quality loamy soil that is heavilly fertilized with Organic Manure and we produce good quality grass cut and baled into hay.



Animal Health

Water Services

Water doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. It really needn’t be.

There are a few options available depending on your budget, the type and size of your farming or animal husbandry operations.

Whichever type is suitable for you, it is important water infrastructure is built properly and fitted with appropriate equipment as we have witnessed many failed water projects.

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Right from the beginging Ahmed and the Barqo Dhereg team were very professional.

For me it was all about value rather than just the service. the knowledge and subject matter expertise.

I Ahmed knew for quite some time. We lost touch somehow over the years.

I already trusted in his knowledge and know-how, and I knew that if I ever went into agriculture which I felt passionate about for sometime now. Of course Ahmed and Barqo Dhereg were my go to Person.

Unsurprisingly my expectations did not fail me.  Thank you Ahmed!

I needed a water source for my farm, I approached a self professed  water drilling company. After spending money,time and energy and they failed and I was left in a bad situation.

I heard about Ahmed's reputation from a friend who knew him and other people. I decided to approach him. What can I say, the rest was history!

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