Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does borehole Drilling Cost?

A Drilled Borewell with Casing and Gravel Pack and 24hr Pumping Test cost around $150 to $200 per meter depending on location and level of technical difficulty involved in the project. All other in-hole equipments and Power Supply are not included.


A contractor has quoted me for a Submersible Pump before drilling the borehole, how can I be sure if the pump is the right size?

A Submersible Pump can only be purchased after the Borewell has been drilled and a professional Pump Test (Minimum 24hrs) has been undertaken. The pump test will determine how much water you have and the Safe Yield of water that can be pumped out, after this process ONLY can a submersible pump be purchased.

I have made an agreement with a drilling contractor but am living abroad and my family and friends at home are not qualified to act on my behalf I don’t want to end up losing out to un-professional Contractors, can you act on my behalf in order to ensure the project is undertaken professionally.

Yes, we do act as Project Supervisors and after entering into a legal agreement with you and assuming the role of your representative, we will then take the reins of the project and start by our legal department preparing a legal binding contract and signing it on your behalf and acting as your legal representative. We will ensure that the contract is adhered to and ensure the quality of the company’s materials and that the goods to be purchased for you are fit for your purpose. 

Once the works begin we will place a qualified and experienced driller onsite to ensure that all works are being undertaken as per contract. We will update you regularly and approve any payment requests from contractors so you can pay them directly (we don’t get involved in handling money) if we feel that the payment request is not valid, we will refer the contractor to the contract and request they catch up and adhere to the agreement.

We will take the hassle and let you put your feet up and have peace of mind that your project is in safe hands.

I want to start an Agribusiness but am not sure it will work or is appropriate, I want to have consultancy and a springboard for my ideas and get professional feedback from people experienced in the sector and region, can you help?

Yes, where ever you are in the world, we can schedule you a meeting online, we charge only $100 USD per hour and save you time and money and heartache that cannot be quantified. Whether you want to start a cosmetics business or a Gum Arabic Business even Essential Oils or Traditional Herbal Plants export , or even just a Tomato Greenhouse, we are here for you.

If your Veterinary Doctors are based abroad, how can you support a Business like Camel Dairy in Hargeisa on the ground?

Our Doctors will do the diagnosis by taking all the information during the online interview and all tests needed will be done locally, then a decision can be reached and high-quality medicines will be supplied from our stores or Air freighted from Nairobi ASAP.

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