Get To Know Us 

We are a pioneering company in the Somali agricultural scene.

We offer a suite of complementary services to those engaged in farming operations.

We procure quality farm inputs, seeds, trees, tools, and machines.

Not only that, but we offer Extension ( also known as advisory/consultancy) services on appropriate Water infrastructure, suitable organic crops, farming methods, as well as disease and pest control based on Permaculture farming principles.

 Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision for the future

 We see a future of a region with a thriving organic agriculture sector, that contributes immensely to living standards, employment and health of people across the Somali peninsula 

Goal 2 - Extension & Consultancy Services

Disseminate practical advice and information to equip and arm farmers potential farmers with the knowledge to make the right decisions to be successful in their Agri endeavors.

Goal 3 - Sale of High-Quality Farm Machinery and Agri Inputs

Provision of all Agri Related Machinery, Livestock, Equipment, Seeds, and much more with backup and support to ensure that farmers are successful. 

Goal 4 - small holder productivity & educational institutes

 increase small holder and subsistence farmer productivity and partnership with national universities

Goal 1 - Water

Improving and developing appropriate water infrastructures, including Watershed Management and Borehole Drilling amongst others.

The A Team

Ahmed Dirir

Ahmed Dirir

Managing Director

It all started with Ahmed over 15 years ago.

His combined background in the Agri and water sector and work with Somaliland government agencies and other sector stakeholders has put him in a unique position.

Recognizing the need for full-service professional agricultural service he officially established The Barqodhereg Agri Group to ensure the development and success of Agricultural Projects in the Horn of Africa. Read more on Ahmed’s journey here.

Sultan Ali

Sultan Ali

Permaculture Consultant

Sultan is a Permaculture Consultant with degree in Computer Science, (Goldsmiths College, University of London).

Sultan has achieved his Consultant Permaculture Design Certificate in Jordan at the Greening the Desert Project taught by the world-renowned Permaculture expert Geoff Lawton.

Sultan has immense passion in teaching and consulting permaculture – dedicating great deal of time and passion in ensuring many farmers and would be like farmers particularly in the horn of Africa understand permaculture, and how to best apply Permaculture practices on their lands.

Sultan has consulted many farmers in Somaliland both large- and small-scale gardeners on effective permaculture designs.

Dr. Michael Njoroge Kungu

Dr. Michael Njoroge Kungu

Veterinary Consultant

Michael Njoroge Kungu is a graduate in Bsc.Animal Health and Animal Production from the Egerton University,Njoro ,Kenya with 14 years post training experience in the field. An an animal breeding and Artificial Insemination practitioner and a Veterinary Public Health officer .

Micheal has worked with government of Kenya as a Veterinary officer,livestock based programs in Non Governmental Organisations including VSF-Germany,Land O Lakes,AU-IBAR program on Somali Ecosystem Rinderpest Eradication Coordinating unit (Serecu )in Northern Kenya.

Over the years he has developed strong technical and support skills to farming communities from small holder intensive and extensive set ups,ranches and other large scale extensive livestock production systems across the rangelands of Northern Kenya and also high potential areas in Central and Lower Eastern Kenya.

Micheal is versed with specialisations in; -Large animals(Camels,Cattle,Equines). -Small ruminants.(Sheep and goats) -Commercial exotic poultry(Layers,Broilers), indigenous poultry and other emerging poultry eg guinea fowls, pheasants etc.

He also worked remotely with clients in the Horn of Africa(Somaliland,Somalia ,South Eastern Ehiopia) with the needs,aspirations and nature of their Animal Health industry and by extension Livestock needs of their areas

Over 15 Years of Experience

We started from scratch so you don’t have to!

Barqo Dhereg has come a long way from its humble beginings, with a single farm and hand dug well next to a dry seasonal river.

In those early years we have aqcuired practical knowledge on the ground, applied evidence based know how and carefully built a network of local and international contacts.


Happy Customers & Buyers

Right from the beginging Ahmed and the Barqo Dhereg team were very professional.

For me it was all about value rather than just the service. the knowledge and subject matter expertise.

I Ahmed knew for quite some time. We lost touch somehow over the years.

I already trusted in his knowledge and know-how, and I knew that if I ever went into agriculture which I felt passionate about for sometime now. Of course Ahmed and Barqo Dhereg were my go to Person.

Unsurprisingly my expectations did not fail me.  Thank you Ahmed!

I needed a water source for my farm, I approached a self professed  water drilling company. After spending money,time and energy and they failed and I was left in a bad situation.

I heard about Ahmed's reputation from a friend who knew him and other people. I decided to approach him. What can I say, the rest was history!

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Why not also visit our farm for a chat over a delicious cup of camel milk? W would love to host you!

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