You might’ve heard the Somali peninsula as a whole and in particular Somalia is facing yet another prospect of a famine, this time though, possibly worse than that of 2011.


The numbers tell a dire prospect if enough humanitarian aid does not arrive and very quickly. 


Untold and Needless Suffering


Get this; by the end of 2022 some over 7 Million people will be affected by the drought. So the majority of people in Somalia will require some type of humanitarian support. 

In many parts of the country the Gu rains have failed. This has led to the displacement of over 700,000 people in search of water and pasture.


The UN has already been warning since early this year that the Somali Humanitarian crisis is heading for the worst. But even if emergency aid comes and in the required numbers, for many people this is a sad and frankly needless suffering.


Traditionally the Somali pastoralists have been proud and hard working building wealth off raising livestock which is eventually sold and exported to the middle east. Whilst farming communities supplied towns and cities with an unending supply of affordable fresh fruits and vegetables.


That said, this way of life seems increasingly unviable. Consecutive seasonal rains have failed or at best have been erratic. Everyone knows why this is happening; it is chiefly climate change. 


Private Sector Climate Change Adaptation


But climate change alone does not tell the whole story. Other underlying factors have been at play for some time that increase the severity of the drought including; soil degradation, deforestation, low agricultural and livestock productivity and now the war in Ukraine.


Barqo Dhereg operating as an agricultural services company has already begun products and services geared towards climate change adaptation. 


With almost two decades of on the ground experience we offer several services vital for highly productive farming and livestock production.These services include high quality and nutritious organic Mombasa grass fodder. 


We also provide evidence  and science based agricultural extension or advisory services such as surface and underground water development, as well as soil and crop management. 


Not only that, we are internationally connected with organic farm input suppliers as well as quality veterinary medicines and farm machinery and equipment. We provide last mile delivery to each and every farmer across the Somali peninsula.